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MicroDot II1.4.4  (1.4.17)
AmIRC3.5  (3.5.25)
Voyager³3.2  (3.3.125)
CManager1.9  (1.11beta)
MicroDot I1.18
mFTP II1.2

5131739 visitors since 1 Mar 99

MorphOS PPC Operating System
Welcome to VaporWare
For over 9 years, VaporWare has lead the way in Amiga(tm) Internet application development. A world-wide collaboration of the most experienced and talented Amiga(tm) programmers makes sure your Amiga(tm) is always up to and beyond standards in today's Internet applications, in every respect from Web browsing over Mail and News to IRC. VaporWare has also been supporting the new operating system MorphOS for years.
AmTelnetTelnet/SSH Client
AmTalkTALK client/server
AmigaNCPAmiga/Psion Palmtop Link
MicroDot IIMail/Newsreader
NetInfoNetwork information tool
VoyagerWeb Browser

Latest News
11 April Voyager not susceptible to Heartbleed
Please note that Voyager does not implement the TLS HEARTBEAT extension and is therefore not susceptible to the Heartbleed exploit.
25 Dec Online registration no longer available
SiliconCircus has stopped offering online registration for VaporWare products.
27 Dec Microdot2 1.4.17
New beta version of Microdot. AmigaOS 68k and MorphOS version.
23 Dec Voyager 3.3.125
New version of Voyager for both AmigaOS 68k and MorphOS. Head over to the V³ portal.
1 May AmIRC 3.5.24beta
New beta version of AmIRC for registered users only.
1 Apr Voyager³ 3.3.122beta
New betas of V³ are available at the V³ Portal.
1 Feb AmIRC 3.5.23beta
This beta version is available for registered users only, and fixes some small issues.
1 Jan Voyager³ 3.3.120beta
Both a new AmigaOS and a new MorphOS version of V³ are available at the V³ Portal. As with the previous releasetime, it's a full release archive, including all required modules and libraries, and with an Installer script. older news...

The update server has been shut down.

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